Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pan-Roasted Pears

Earlier this week, Mike and I were given some lovely pears. I was really excited because I had spotted this Pan-Roasted Pears (pg. 393) recipe and wanted to try it. Mike helped me make this for dessert for my family's Easter dinner tonight.

Rating: 3 Stars
What We Liked: This was a really, really easy recipe, and the end product seemed more complex than it really was. So, it made me feel pretty fancy. The syrup was my favorite part. It was creamy and light; it was noticeable on the ice cream, but not overbearing.
What I Learned: This is more of a hypothesis than a lesson, but I imagine this recipe could be adapted to other fruit. Apples would almost definitely work, but for some reason I keep thinking of trying it with peaches. That sounds so amazing. So, I guess what I learned is that as I get the hang of new techniques, I should be able to branch out and experiment more confidently.

Easter is such a lovely holiday. I'm so grateful that I could listen to so many inspiring messages about Jesus Christ during General Conference this week!