Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Very True Story

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved to read. This girl (Aubrey was her name), read many, many books: books about historical events, books with lovely descriptions, books with mysteries. But, her favorites books always had something to do with love, and they always had a happy ending.
As the girl read these books filled with love stories she began to imagine what her own happy ending might be like. At first she was fearless and bold, and she imagined a handsome knight in shining armor who would be kind but brave, intelligent yet humble, and funny, but never at someone else's expense. But, as the girl grew up (and read more books) she learned that such a person was hard to come by.
She met many knights, but none of them were what she was looking for. There were handsome knights, funny knights, knights who spoke like poets, and even a few dastardly villains in disguise, but none of them were the type of knight that a girl who reads books would want to sweep her off her feet. In truth, the young girl began to despair that the love stories she had read were purely works of fiction.
Then, one day, when the girl had nearly stopped believing in the books she read, a very special knight appeared. And he was everything she had ever dreamed of... plus some. The knight did sweep the girl off of her feet, not in the way she had imagined, but in a better way. Before very long, the knight and the girl were married.
The day of the wedding was beautiful and perfect in every way. And, at the end of the beautiful and perfect day, the knight and girl rode off into the sunset as far as they could go, and when they got to the ocean, they stopped. They stayed in a lovely place

And he bought her lovely jewelry (the kind she had always wanted).

And took her to nice places to wear her new jewelry (and which also delighted the knight, who loves a good prime rib dinner).
And they had adventures in places that were exciting and a little shady.
He bought her overpriced tickets to see a mummy (and then comforted her when there was no actual mummy and just a mummy case).

And he even shared his ice cream with her.
And, basically, they were very, very happy. The end (for now).