Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Pleasant, but Ineffective, Adventure

Many men enjoy watching sports. While Mike enjoys an occasional football game, e-Sports is his favorite way to indulge the stereo-type of the man glued to the screen watching the "big game." Luckily for me, tournaments are a little more spaced out. It's a great indicator of how much he likes me that he was convinced to leave the coverage of MLGDallas to search the valley for a reasonably priced used microwave.

We came into the market for a microwave last weekend, when ours exploded. This interim time has made me realize just how much I use the microwave. I'm not nearly organized enough to have meat defrosted the night before, so the defrost function is necessary to a large percentage of meals. And, of course, after finally finishing the unnecessarily intensive grading process of some school-wide essays, I came home with a migraine. All I wanted in the whole world before I locked myself in a dark room to sleep it off was a bowl of chicken noodle soup. And, if you think I was going to wait for it to heat up on the stove... pshhhh. (I didn't. I compromised the electrical integrity of our home by using the microwave again. It didn't blow anything up this time, so... meh.)

When I began to look into replacing the microwave, which we bought when we were first married at DI for $25, I thought I could just buy something online. I knew we'd gotten the other one, practically brand new, for a steal, but, I had no idea how lucky we'd been. Did you know microwaves are a $100+ type item? I didn't. And I didn't want to pay that much for one. So, we decided to try DI again.

Mike gallantly shut off the Starcraft stream and accompanied me on my quest. ... Two DIs later, we were not yet in possession of a microwave. But, we definitely found out that the one in Sugarhouse is way less stinky and gross than the one Downtown. So, that was valuable. And, although we didn't find a microwave, we did find a gorgeous copy of The Best of James Herriot for a dollar. Mike was overjoyed and declared that it would be a family heirloom, which, I'm sure is a title the microwave never would have attained.

Additionally, after a few hours of scouring thrift stores, we were pretty hungry. We decided to try this quaint, classy place we'd seen on 5th South called Cannella's. It was incredible!

Mike got a beef brisket sandwich with brie, tomato, and garlic aioli on ciabatta.

I got a turkey cran-pesto sandwich on whole wheat sourdough bread.

On our way back to our car, we took a detour to stroll through the gardens on the roof of the Salt Lake City Library to enjoy the panoramic city view.

So, we still need a microwave, but we had a really, really nice day.