Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To the woman who callously took my burrito out of the microwave while I was standing right there: you destroyed what was left of my faith in humanity.

... at least for a couple of minutes. Here's the whole story:

On Monday, I had about an hour before my late class started. Not having time for much else, I bought a frozen burrito from the vending machine for dinner and put in the microwave for the recommended two minutes. Now, I think we can all agree that there is something of a "Microwave Etiquette" in such places as breakrooms and student lobbies. It's probably safe to say that the following rules apply:

1. First come, first serve.
2. You should always try to use the microwave for the shortest amount of time possible because other people probably need it. (I would say three minutes is the polite max, but up to four and a half minutes might be acceptable if you smile apologetically at the people in line behind you)
3. If your food explodes all over the microwave, you should wipe it up.
And finally, rule 4, the rule that really should never have to be stated: You should never touch someone else's food. That is rude. And unsanitary.

To continue: My burrito had started to cook and I decided to sit down a mere 2 feet from the microwave, and here's apparently where I went wrong, with my back to it. Having rested for a mere 45 seconds, I turn around to check on my food, and am SHOCKED to see the same middle-aged woman who had nearly me ran into while I was buying my burrito has taken it out of the microwave and placed it on top so that she could microwave a muffin or a bagel or something.

I was not really sure how to respond. My gut instinct was to flat out ask her, "Are you serious?" But, being the incredibly non-confrontational girl that I am I turned back around and did some deep breathing. I was seriously annoyed. This woman (a grown woman mind you) had the inflated self-concept to believe that she was so important (and so much more important than me) that she could not wait the minute and 15 seconds to microwave her food. Where did she get off? What was the world coming to?

When I turned back around she was gone. I finished cooking my burrito. I ate it unhappily thinking of all the germs that could have jumped aboard during its little journey. I fumed my way to class, and then... I was hit by this realization: The whole thing was ridiculously funny. She was totally out of line, don't get me wrong, but I had an unusual story to share about a woman who hi-jacked a microwave and led me to informally publish the rules of microwave etiquette. Silver linings I guess...