Sunday, July 27, 2008

A list of some superb words (and their meanings):

disabuse: set right, undeceive.
interpose: place between or among, interrupt with.
sumptuous: lavish, luxurious grand.
cahoots: secret partnership.
skullduggery: dishonest trickery.
virulent: like a poison, deadly; bitterly hostile.
heinous: wicked, reprehensible.
incredulous: skeptical
preternatural: extraordinary, above the average

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The First Post (ooh!!)

Sometimes I think that writing a blog is a little pretentious. So, I guess I should explain why I decided to start one: This is (most likely) the closest I will ever get to being a syndicated columnist. Yeah... it's not that close. Still, I feel a little like Anna Quindlen when I think about sitting down to write about my everyday life experiences and reflecting on their larger cosmic significance. And maybe just feeling that way is what I want. In any case, something worked if your reading this. (was it the blog's title? I thought that was pretty clever.)

Here's today's thought: Isn't it amazing how people decide to take a day and just celebrate? I don't think it even matters what people celebrate, it is just so refreshing to see people enjoying life. For example, today is the 4th of July- such a fun holiday. I think one of the best parts of being alive is sitting on a blanket on a grassy hill watching fireworks on the 4th. And since firework-viewing grassy hills can be hard to come by, you're not usually the only ones there. Right next to you there might be a young couple, staring at each other instead of the fireworks. And nearby will be the young family with kids who are just going crazy over what they are seeing. And, if they aren't wholly engrossed by that, they will discover the exhilerating joy of chasing each other with sparklers while nearby adults spout maxims about running with sharp, firey objects. And last, but not least, are the old people, sitting in their plaid-patterned lawn chairs talking about Bill or Sharon's latest operation. This is what I saw tonight, anyway. It's beautiful. The angriness and ugliness of everyday life disappear. This is probably the definition of a holiday, and also the same reason there are so many. I think everyday should be a holiday.