Thursday, November 25, 2010

On My Mind Today

I like Thanksgiving. It's such a sweet, unassuming holiday. It's so much less commercial and more meaningful. It's all about spending time with those you love and showing gratitude for all that we have. I know I often get caught up in the negative things that happen in life, but looking at the things we're grateful for is so much more enjoyable.

I'm very grateful for...
  • Mike! He's amazing, and he makes me happy every single day.
  • My family- my immediate family, my in-laws, and especially my little family with Mike.
  • For the steal of a deal we're getting on our apartment. Life would be hard if we had to pay exorbitant rent like some of my friends do.
  • That my job is no longer miserable. Things have gotten much better.
  • That I got to meet (and talk to!) Jeff Wilhelm. He has really inspired me and given me a lot of direction in my career.
  • That Martina won Miss Rodeo Utah. It was amazing to watch someone I care about so much achieve something that meant so much to them.
  • For my book club. I've made some wonderful friends, and I feel like it's been a good source of personal growth.
  • That I've been able to travel so much in the last year: Alaska, San Francisco, L.A., and Park City (less glamorous, I know) a few times.
  • For old friends who I know will always be around. I realized when I saw a friend today just how many times I run into someone and introduce them to Mike as someone I've been friends with forever. Thanks for sticking around.
  • That Mike agrees that watching Jurassic Park at Thanksgiving should be a family tradition.