Friday, April 16, 2010

Good News!

It is a huge relief to be able to say... I have a job for next year!

I'm staying at the same school, so you'd think that wouldn't have been much of an issue... but you'd be wrong. Since I only had a one year contract I had to reapply for my job. Besides the other hundred people who applied, there were two other provisional teachers. The three of us were going for two jobs. And, of course, the rumors were flying. One week there was no hope, and the next week there was no reason to worry. It was exhausting.

Finally knowing that Mike and I will not need to move in to my parent's basement or a set up a tent under an overpass or something is nice. So is the fact that we now have some security. Unlike last year, I actually get a full contract this year. All teachers with less than three years are provisional, but this means that I have the job until I don't want it any more, or if something catastrophically bad happens.

Another perk is that I will no longer be teaching all four grades. In case it's not immediately apparent- that's not super easy. To illustrate... My district has a New Teacher Academy every other month. A woman I from my home stake (a very cool English teacher from Lehi) is one of the people in charge. She came over to give me a hug and say hi. When I told her what I was teaching, she grabbed my hand in an encouraging squeeze and said, "Oh, honey. I'll pray for you." So, the change is I will only be teaching 9th (2 classes), 10th (1 class), and 12th (3 classes). Not a huge change, but it will dramatically reduce my workload.

Perk number three is that I will be teaching mostly 12th grade classes. I love my 12th grade class! I'm hoping I've just found my niche and this isn't just a good mix, but I've had a lot of success with them. At the beginning of the year it was tough to keep them awake, but now they argue over who gets to read parts in class. We just finished Hamlet, and as they requested we had a Hamlet Omelet party on the day they did their presentations. It was so fun! And, they did such a good job! Like, it made me tear up a little bit because I was so proud of them. Yeah... I get like that sometimes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Status Updates

Research Papers: Graded.

Plagarized Research Papers: Three. One may be accidental. All fully documented. Thanks Google.

Punishment/Course of Action for Plagarized Papers: Not yet decided. (Yes, should have already been decided... but still not.)

Apartment: Messy. But, the papers are graded.

Curtains: We have some in the living room now!

Car: Oil changed. Even with discounts I got suckered into paying $70. But, no more lectures from my concerned father.

Other car: Rescued from accidental abandonment at the park and ride.

Sleep: Far above weekly average.

Harry Potter Series: Finally finished. It is perhaps a small miracle that no one (including those chatty 7th graders) gave away the ending before I could finish it. Not sure why it took so long to get the motivation to finish it.

Husband: Adorable. And late for work. ;)

Self: Happy, happy, happy.

Number of Hours Until Mini-Vacation: 1.5. Cannot wait!